Computer Network

At TIPS the computer network is linked with the port, shipping line, importer & exporter and customs.
With this  system, we can minimize the error in documentations, reduce the paper work processes, and avoid unnecessary procedures.  Furthermore,  the computer network at TIPS is implemented with supporting software allowing us to manage a wide array of information namely:


  • Navis Software System
  • EDI-Electronic Data Interchange
  • Gate In/Gate Out (CODECO)
  • Discharge/Load (COARRI)
  • Vessel Stowage Plan (BAPLIE)
  • Bill of Loading (HMAN)

Navis Software
  Navis -Container Terminal Management System (CTMS) is a client / server open system suite of data-base software modules that function as a complete, integrated, turnkey solution for container terminal operations.  Software called "SPARCS" Simultaneous Planning and Real time Control enables us to plan, manage, and control all movements within the port premise.  Ship Planning, Yard Management, Equipment Control and Truck Modules are installed to supervise our works at the highest standard.  Each individual transaction is automatically processed and carefully monitored by our computerized system.
Navis Software Overview  (SPARCS N4.)

Navis is the leader in proven, mission-critical solutions for managing logistics, assets, inventory and cargo across the global supply chain. With its diverse portfolio of products, Navis solutions enable the world’s leading logistics providers to increase   capacity; lower operating costs, and improves customer service. Modern handling equipments enhanced operation   productivities; our twin lifts gantry crane can meet the requirements of operation on post-panamax vessels and improve the vessels operation efficiency. Rubber-tired gantries, prime moves, reach stacker; empty container handlers and other container handling equipments are designed and manufactured with worldwide advanced technology, which enables high productivity and efficiency of operations.

ERP System
SAP is a proven ERP package used by both small and large companies with full scalability. If TIPS adapts SAP today, it will certainly take care of all future business needs for the next 10 years, whatever may the size be of or the number of companies. SAP can also be expanded to define standards of production quality OEM/aftermarket) or defining a common platform for TIPS and its Partner companies to integrate their supply chain.

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