TIPS CD1 Warehouse is the newest service provided by TIPS Co., Ltd and its location is not too far from TIPS B4, approximately 5 kilometers. The grand opening of this facility was announced on 15th January, 2012. The total area of the warehouse is 24,306 Sq.m and it was well-organized by our warehouse specialists. The main purpose of this warehouse is to provide stuffing, un-stuffing, and cargoes or goods storage for our valued customers. In the warehouse, we prepared 21 units of high performance Folk Lift and their capacities are ranging from 2.5 tons to 7 tons. Moreover, these folk lifts are operated by skillful and experienced folk lift drivers, therefore all customers can be assured of our operation that all procedures will be done carefully and precisely.

Total Area: 24,306 Sq.m
Folk Lift: 21 Units
Weight capacities: 2.5-7.0 Tons

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