Nowadays, people pay more attentions to import and export activities and these factors are now causing the increasing of the containers in the yard. Due to the fact that TIPS has only one yard, it seems that having only one yard is not enough anymore. Therefore, TIPS finds out the way to solve this over-capacity problem by constructing a well-organized yard in another area to provide new spaces for the increasing of the containers in the future. This plan was finished in 2009 on 15th May. The yard itself is called “TIPS CY2” or “TIPS Control Yard 2”. The main purpose for constructing TIPS CY2 is to provide new areas for planning a flexible export container management.

TIPS CY2 is located on the right entrance of the checking post 3 of Laem Chabang Port. The total area is about 50,240 sq.m. or 30 Rai. The capacity of this new area is approximately 7,612 TEUs. TIPS CY2 is well equipped with high performance lifting equipments for managing both FCL Containers and Empty containers in the area including Reach Stackers and Empty Container Handlers. All in all, we are so proud to announce that we can accept more containers and fasten the receiving and delivery container services to satisfy our customers.

Total Area: 50,240 Sq.m. (30 Rai)
Capacity: 7,612 Teus
Reach Stacker: Units (Mutually used with B4)
Empty Handler Container: 2 Units (Mutually used with B4)
Rubber Tire Gantry Crane (RTG): 3 Units with 4+1 stacking capacity


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